Explorb Travels strives to operate the tour as it was originally planned. Sometimes, unavoidable, unforeseen situations may occur due to various dependent factors such as the state or country regulations, airline, cruise, rail, road transport, hotel, sightseeing, etc. in such cases, we might have to change the original itinerary either before the trip or while on the trip. You will be informed either before the tour by SMS/Call or while on tour by the Explorb Travels Tour Manage­r.
The number of travelers on a group tour varies depending on which destination, tour category, or type of vehicle is used for that tour. The usual group size is between 40 and 50 guests for an international trip and 30 to 40 guests for an Indian holiday package.
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Explorb Travels Pvt Ltd is popular for tours and packages across India and the globe. From Antarctica to Alaska, from Scandinavia to Serbia, from Australia to America, and Africa and Asia, you name it, and we have it. Explorb Travels is also a large tour operator for India, and we show India to Indians, non-residents, and foreigners. We have tours for every family and everyone in the family.
Explorb Travels Pvt Ltd website www.explorb.com consists of details regarding all travel packages, travel category and also services. You can also call Explorb Travels on 7001443952 and also obtain all the detail information concerning tours, trips, holiday packages and numerous products and services from Explorb travels experts
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