Terms & Conditions

By booking or participating in a tour and any related services with Explorb Travels, you agree to these Terms & Conditions.

By booking a Tour you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you make a booking on behalf of other traveler, you guarantee that you have the authority to accept and do accept these Terms on behalf of the other traveler in your group.

Booking your Holiday

Your contract in respect of your vacation is booked with Explorb Travels (‘the Travel Organizer‘), registered in India and all bookings are subject to these terms and conditions.

  • All communications by the Company related to your holiday will be sent to the address mentioned on the booking form.
  • All bookings must be made through an authorized person of the Company. At the time of reserving your travel related services the Company reserving form must be completed and submitted together with a deposit of token amount of the total cost of the tour package.
  • Payment receipt of the deposit and booking form by the Company does neither guarantee nor indicate confirmation of the booking. No booking shall be confirmed until the Company issues a authorized confirmation. The Company reserves the right to decline a booking without presenting any explanation and shall in that event return any payment received.
  • You must be paid your vacation cost in full at least 30 days before the departure date. However, the Company reserves the right to cancel the booking and retain the deposit, If you default the payment by the due date. The person who signs the booking form guarantees payment of the total amount mentioned on the booking form under these conditions. It's the responsibility of the signatory to assure the Company receives the billing amount in full by the due date. We are not liable to remind you of the payments.
  • Train seats are subject to availability. We do not guarantee the confirmation of seats. The seats number and coach positions are directly controlled by IRCTC.
  • If you reserve a tour package within 30 days of your departure date, full payment must be made at the time of booking.
  • All special requests, such as dietary conditions, should be mentioned on the booking form.
  • The Company will deliver the services as mentioned in written travel Itinerary.
Payment and Deposits
  • The Company reserves the right to notify you of any increase in price before accepting your booking.
  • For the services contracted, 30% advance payment should be made to confirm the booking, and you have to pay the balance amount before 30 days of your departure date.
  • We can increase or decrease the advance payment amount percentage depending on the nature of services and time left for the commencement of service.
  • For Special train journeys, hotel, or resort booking during the peak season like X-mas, New Year, full payment may be required to be paid in advance.
Cancellation and Changes by You

You or any member of your group may cancel your holiday packages at any time. You must notify us in writing an email. The date of the email to Explorb Travels will be the cancellation date. As this incurs administrative cost and retention charges by the hotel, the cancellation charges will apply on the following scale:

  • 35 days or More before the departure date 30% of the travel cost.
  • Between 34 to 29 days before the departure date 50% of the travel cost.
  • Between 28 to 16 Days before the departure date 70% of the travel cost.
  • Between 15 to 1 Days before the departure date 100% of the travel cost.
Cancellation and Changes by the Company

Sometimes it is compulsory to make changes to your vacation, and we reserve the right to do so for your convenience at any time. You'll be informed of any changes as early as possible. However, providing it doesn't arise from circumstances beyond our control, you may choose: (i) to accept the change of arrangements. (ii) to book another vacation from us, or (iii) to cancel your vacation If a major change to your tour is necessary. Compensation may be payable in cases of major change as detailed below.

  • No refunds will be initiated for minor changes. Minor changes like minimum changes to departure and arrival times, changes to the type of aircraft used, and restaurant and accommodation changes to a similar or superior category.
  • Major changes include cancellation, changes to your airport, delays in departure or arrival by more than 12 hours, and accommodation changes to an inferior standard of accommodation.
  • Compensation won't be paid for changes or cancellations caused by Acts of God (Force Majeure), war, the threat of war, riot, civil strike, industrial disputation, terrorist exertion, natural or man-made disaster, fire, technical problems to transport, closure or congestion of airports, strikes or other artificial action, adverse weather conditions or any other event beyond our control. You may insure the trip with adequate travel insurance.
  • The Company reserve the right to cancel your vacation at any time before the date of departure, even after a confirmation notice has been sent. If your vacation is cancelled, we will refund you the full amount you have already paid. No compensation will be payable.
  • If you fail to pay the balance of the vacation price at least 30 days before departure, we will treat the booking as canceled and draft the cancellation charges set out below
  • The company also has the right to reject a person as a travel member if they believe that person may risk the health, safety and enjoyment of others on the trip. In any of the above events, the sole liability of the company and the only remedy given to the traveler will be limited to the refund, the amount of service already used and the executive charge less.
Our Responsibilities
  • The Company does not own or operate aircraft, accommodation, restaurants, trains or other facilities used during the holidays. Although the company was careful in selecting travel, hotel, restaurant and other facilities providers, the company did not have the opportunity to audit and did not represent that such airlines, hotels, restaurants and other facilities and services were provided.
  • The Company is not responsible if you or any member of your party fails to perform any part of our agreement with you due to death, illness, or injury or performs inappropriate acts where similar failure is responsible for (i) actions and/or deletion of any party member, or (ii) third parties who are not bound by your leave provisions, or (iii) an event that neither the company nor the service provider could have expected or assisted with appropriate care.
  • The Company regrets that no refunds will be given for unused tickets where travel, sports, or other types of tickets, unless refunded by the carrier or provider.
Your Responsibilities
  • You are responsible for arranging your travel insurance, although an applicable policy may be included in your travel package. Details of all the insurance policies held by each member of your team must be provided in the booking form. No booking form can be accepted without sufficient proof that certain policies have been sorted. Please ensure that your insurance cover applies to the specific conditioner you are booking and as confirmed in the confirmation statement.
  • Each member of your group must have a valid passport, visa, and all the necessary documents for the country you are traveling to. The company does not accept any liability for any delay or expense if your documents are incorrect.
  • You are responsible for checking in for the flight at the right time and presenting yourself to receive all the pre-booked elements of your vacation. The company cannot accept responsibility for travelers who have lost a flight due to late check-in, and no credit or refund will be given if you fail to take any of your vacation material. No refunds will be given for lost, misplaced, or damaged trip documents.
  • By reserving a vacation with the company you agree to orderly conduct and to do something not to disturb the enjoyment of others on vacation with you or to tarnish the company's reputation. If you violate this section, your leave will be immediately revoked and the Company will no longer have any contractual obligation to you. The Company will be entitled to recover any damages from the offending party and/or the person who signed the booking form.
  • It is the responsibility of the person signing the booking form to inform our group members of any pre-existing medical conditions.
  • All equipment and personal belongings will always and at all times be at the owner's risk. The Company cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage or delay to your luggage or products unless caused directly by the negligence of one of our representatives

We try our best to give our travelers an entertaining and hassle-free vacation on any of our vacations but sometimes the plan goes wrong. If you have any complaints, please let us know (at the same time) your tour director, who will try his best to resolve the matter immediately. However, you must notify the company in writing within 28 days of the end of the tour, if the situation has not been resolved to your satisfaction. However, this will affect the investigation and outcome of the complaint, if you do not write to us within this period. Any dispute between Guest and Explorb Travels will be governed by the jurisdiction of India.

Passport and Visas

To travel to India from foreign countries other than those of Nepal and Bhutan, one needs a valid 06-month passport and a valid visa. And passport and visa processing costs are not included in your travel Packages.

Early check-in / late check-out

Please note that the standard check-in / check-out time at most hotels is 12:00 hours. (IST). Accordingly, the cost of early check-in or late check-out is not included in the holiday expenses. We can always request an early check-in or late checkout if necessary but we do not guarantee that it depends entirely on the accommodation provider's policy, time of year and room availability.

Excessive use of our vehicles

Please note that the cost of the vehicle (car / coach with driver) does not include extra use of the vehicle such as after transfer or after sightseeing unless it is mentioned on the itinerary.

The right to enrich travel if necessary

The tour that started earlier will proceed exactly according to the itinerary. In the event of an event or situation beyond our control, we reserve the right to change all content or part of the itinerary for the safety and well-being of our recognized passengers.


The cost of your trip is subject to unexpected increase in fuel prices, airfare schedule and surcharge on any tax levied by the government. In fact in this case, we will try to absorb the amount of 2, more than 2 will be surcharged.


The Company has made every reasonable effort to verify the accuracy of the information contained on our website. The Company may not accept any liability for any errors or omissions that may appear on this site.

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